We are a few followers of Jesus trying to:

- Obey His words,

- Follow His example, and

- Love and serve His people


Matt712 is a project, a way of trying to live out our faith in a practical and honest way.  There is no attempt to make you into a “Christian,” no solicitation for funds, no product to sell, no other obligation we're trying to impose on those we serve.


Who is behind matt712.com?

We are a few followers of Jesus trying to:

-Obey His words,

-Follow His example, &

-Love and serve His people

You were stuck at a rest stop on the highway.  You’d thought you had enough fuel to make it home, but you ended up just short.  With two over-tired kids, you called your last lifeline to ask if they could come help you, but they were busy.


You walked to the counter and empty your pockets, $4.83 wouldn’t get you very far, but maybe close enough.  The cashier said, “Don’t worry about it.  Some woman heard you were having a rough day.  She just had me put your pump on her credit card so that you can fill the tank.”


“Who was she?”  You asked.


“I don’t know, but she said to give you this card.  I think it’s got her website on the back.”

Though each of us is involved in a local faith community or "church," we come from a variety of faith backgrounds.  There are no denominational requirements for either the Matt712 organization (which, to be honest, is too lofty a title for this tiny group), or participation in the project.  All we ask is that you follow the guidelines on the "how" page.

are you affiliated with a religious denomination?

what do you believe?

The "what" page explains in a bit more detail why we don't have a "statement of faith" published, but here's a few things we do believe:

- We believe we're called to follow Jesus.

- We believe that one of the ways we're called to follow Jesus is by loving and serving others.

- We believe that there is more to being a Jesus follower than just this.


Beyond that, we may have disagreements or variations in how we follow Jesus, but even though some of those topics may be very important tenets of faith, we believe that sometimes it is important to lay aside (that doesn't mean ignore) our differences to work together.