get involved! prepared for God to stretch you and pull you out of your comfort zones at times.  That's one of the ways you grow!

If you’ve read who we are, why we’re doing this, and what we’re doing in the first place (as well as why and what we’re not doing), and want to get involved, here’s some thoughts on how to start out, and some idease to get you thinking...

Of course, if you have some great ideas, or would like to talk to others that might help you formulate some or encourage you, please contact us!

what do i say?

When you perform acts of service, you may encounter different reactions, ranging from gratitude to distrust. 


If asked why you are doing this, you might consider one of the following responses.


I'm trying to act out my faith in a real way.


I believe that we are all called to serve each other.


I am trying to show you God's love in a practical way.


Or, simply hand them a card perhaps mentioning that this website can explain further.


Remember that you are serving the person.  If your act of service is causing that person distress, apologize, smile, and move on.  In rare cases, your honest attempt at service may even be met with hostility.  Again, apologize and remove yourself from the situation.


Be smart, be safe, but at the same time, be prepared for God to stretch you and pull you out of your comfort zones at times.  That's one of the ways you grow!

some ideas and resources

These are just ideas, not limits.


Zero $:

Help people move in/out (a good place to find this kind of work is at college campuses and apartment complexes - look for the U-Haul!)

Carry groceries

Watch kids for a single parent, or for a couple who really needs some time together

Clean up litter around a roadside memorial, or adopt a section of a highway to clean up

Clean up neighborhood debris

Roll trash cans from the curb back up to houses after collection day

Serve food at a local soup kitchen/shelter


Low/Moderate $:

Hand out free bottled water or sodas in a public place on a hot day (or coffee/tea/hot chocolate on a cold one)*

Feed parking meters just about to expire**

Pay the toll of the car behind you (if you're using cards, give the toll-taker two and ask him/her to give one to the other driver)

Deliver small flower arrangements (you can make them yourselves for a very reasonable cost at a supermarket) or magazines to a hospitalized person who isn't being visited - ask the nurse's station... they'll know

Take your child's teacher out to lunch

Mow someone's yard

Leave a well-above-average tip, along with a card

Send a note of encouragement to a deployed service member


Higher $:

Offer to fill the gas tank of the person who obviously needs it (he/she is easy to find: she/he is the one who asks the cashier to put $5 on pump 3)

If you're capable and qualified, offer to perform car/home maintenance

Staff/stock a rest area for a local bicycle/running event

Anonymously pay for someone's meal at a restaurant (give the table server two cards and ask them to give one to the diner - don't forget to tip generously)




Of course, in all of these activities, use good judgment and follow all applicable laws, regulations, and safety guidance!


*When doing anything involving food/drink that is not pre-packaged, ensure you abide by local health regulations


**Make sure that this is legal in your locality


This isn't a new idea, just a new way to frame it.  Lots of folks have some good suggestions on how you can serve others.  A great source is, as well as the associated book, Conspiracy of Kindness.  By the way, we've got a slightly different approach here at, but we're pointing in the same general direction.  If the philosophy at seems to mesh better with you, be blessed!  No competition here - we're serving the same people, worshipping the same God, and following the same Jesus!


Another source of creative ideas is a group of others who are already participating in the Matt712 project.  To find out where they are, visit our “Where?” page!